Character Creation


So you’ve opened your eyes to the truth out there. Now you have to make YOU.

Character creation comes in 2 parts.

The first part is to create your character’s background, relationships and turning into a supernatural being. This requires role-playing. The player gets to choose the setting or the ending for their character and the other players gets to help fill out the rest of the details. This is to help create our story so that everyone can agree that how their life in this role-playing game begins. All of this is done using the game Fiasco.

The second part is your character completed. Now that you’ve had your eyes open, something happens or you discover, you’re not as normal as you thought you were and so begins your supernatural life. You can begin your supernatural life anytime you want with DM approval (this is not to control your character but to allow the DM to add your story to be a part of our whole story). This does mean you can stay human as long as you like. Your corresponding book will be in the Dropbox.

Character Creation

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