Character Aspirations

World of Darkness Character Aspirations

Frank Danse (Mckayla)
• Obtain minigun
• Avoid Task Force Valkyrie
• Find Allies
• Destroy the Taskforce Valkyrie

Connar Larsson (Brandon)

  • Find Tommy, make sure he’s ok (done)
  • Hunt Something (done)
  • Figure out what the hell is going on (done)
  • Get Uncle Jack
  • Slip the leash
  • Figure out what how to “be” a werewolf

Manny Bogart (Milo)
• Go back to church
• Graduate from the police Academy
• Figure out what the hell is going on? (Honestly i’m just assuming here)

Tommy Highchild (Jason)
• Add another number to his little black book
• Go to a “rager”
• Find his “Vagina Mum”
• Find Connar (Because you fucking better have this as an aspiration you son of a bitch)

Jericho Blessed (James)
• Make 5 “greater pacts”
• Get full Aether
• Get a cult

Candy Kane (Miranda)

  • finish grays anatomy
  • finish residency
  • get medical degree


Character Aspirations

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