The way I’m using this game makes having new players very easy.

The game will be played with “episodes”. These episodes consist of the vital characters that must be present as much as possible during the episode. Episodes will be short 1 or 2 session games. This makes for a far more dynamic game that would allow casual players to come in when they have time and give more regular players time off. We all know that life can get very busy because unlike our stereotype suggests, we have a life. The only downside is the limited player capacity (there’s no way I’m able to have a 20 person game without having a brain aneurysm). So I’m going to just suggest a number of players per episode before each game and the players can have a discussion who’s playing the game.

Another advantage to the small sessions is CAMEO DMs. That’s right, player’s who have a great episode idea can play DM for a session or 2. The Head Dm (that’s me) will approve of any overall story link-in or crossover etc. (Once again, this isn’t to control the characters but it’s to keep it fair for our story… Hell, most of the time I’ll probably love it.) DMs can not play their character in their game… it’s just weird.

At the end of each episode, there’ll be 3 or more new episodes to choose from. The player’s choose their next destination. This may or may not affect the main story outcome. Truthfully, there isn’t a main story currently. I’m leaving that one up to narrativium.


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