Unusual Investigations

Diner Duels, Apartment Stakeouts and Rescue Plans
"What is this, a scene from a movie?"
  • Phillip is enjoying the last few sips of coffee at a late night diner in town when everything breaks loose. Two small time crooks are also enjoying a meal, and in a sudden moment of inspiration decide to rob the diner. Confronting Phillip, they demand his wallet and that he attempt to open a briefcase belonging to a gentleman who looks similar to Jules from the movie Pulp Fiction. “Jules” decides that he will have none of that and opens fire on the two hooligans. Phillip dives away from the gunfight, swiping the briefcase, taking a few shots which seem to have absolutely no effect on him, and runs through the kitchen with “Jules” in pursuit. Attempting to make his escape, he nearly bumps back into “Jules” in the lobby before running out a fire escape and making his way from the scene. He returns to Eva’s apartment and carefully opens the case, finding some money, car keys, a pillow and blanket, and something that growls. Ivy, Phillip’s geist advises him to close the briefcase, which Phillip does and prepares to retire for the night.
  • Jonathan, Tommy, and Connar attempt to capture Luke by staking out the apartment he is visiting, where Luke has requested the fairies build him some sort of “supernatural nuclear weapon.” After a series of quests involving the bargaining with the fae, Luke, using craigslist, gets a ghoul in the form of a 17 year old girl. An argument breaks out between Connar and Luke over the ghoul, both of which makes the ghoul upset. Tommy comforts the ghoul. They stop at a dinner with werewolves. The werewolves tell Connar that Jonathon is possessed by a demon. The werewolves attack. Connar andLuke attack each other. Jonathon starts burning werewolves. Tommy jumps into the car and drives off, leaving his psychotic friends behind and taking the ghoul to a safer place. Jonathon turns into a greater demon and the rest of the wolves are killed. Even though he has little trust in his “friends”, Tommy comes back. More arguments with the group leave Luke and Jonathon behind to fend for themselves as Connar and Tommy take the ghoul with them. Luke creates 2 more ghouls. Jonathon and Luke make up and Luke bargain with the fae and appear in front of the car. Luke gets hit by the car. They talk it out and start to work together. Luke bargains to to have a quick passage to New York city and for his first ghoul too be safely returned to her parents. Tommy refuses to take the quick passage, his main concern is the safety of the young ghoul and takes the car to New York city. The rest of the group are transported into the hedge where they’re attacked by brairwolves. The group loses the other two ghouls and escape it into the hotel where they meet Tommy in a bathrobe and eating crab cakes. The hotel was also a part of the bargain with the fae.
  • Abby is planning a rescue mission for Eva.
Misdirection, Fire and Men in Black
  • Tommy, Connar, Jonathan and Luke take a bus to New York. Luke is in a bag under the bus to prevent sun damage. Tommy finds out he’s a mage and is given a contact to call for more information and help. After series of events where Luke leaves early in West Virginia and there’s an altercation in a diner that leaves the bus empty and the diner destroyed, they drive back through West Virginia to find Luke. Tommy feels less certain of his co-adventurers motivations.
  • Jonathan, after getting into an argument with his geist, was a mortal for a day before Connar accidentally cut himself on a silver straight razor, releasing the bound demon within “Karen”, an ancient demon of wrath, pride and envy who spent the bus ride goading Jonathan into acts of destruction through fire. Eventually, during a confrontation with three vampires at a diner, Jonathan allowed “Karen” into his body to turn one of the vampires into ash – while simultaneously killing their prey, a mother. After this Jonathan, Tommy, and Connar steal the dead woman’s Tahoe and retrace their steps to track down Luke, who has committed a series of extreme crimes in the absence of the three.
  • Eva Gardner, Jezebel “J.J” Jones, and Abigail “Abby” Roth arrive in Cairo, Egypt and head to see Eva’s father. Upon arriving at the hospital, Eva attempts to administer to her father before a group of military men arrive and announce that Eva and her group must evacuate. While reluctant, the three women leave and are promptly captured. While Eva fights her captors when they enter to retrieve her companions, killing one, she is ultimately stuck in a small hotel-like room.
  • Abby is interrogated by Agent Ethan Stone, and Agent Alice Nelson, while their first exchanges are relatively neutral, as the hour passes Abby’s will is broken down and she eventually spills a lot of information regarding the group, before being pulled away by a flash of light. The agents are left to determine how they are going to file a report on this.
  • Abby arrives in her grandfather’s house, Edward Roth having teleported her out of harm’s way, and reminds her of the mission. Abby describes the situation to him, and Edward gives her a piece of information to help her before allowing her to rest up and heading back to Egypt.
Welcome to Nashville
  • Connar Larsson, Jonathan Masters, and Thomas Highchild meet up with Luke Bane, finally arriving in Nashville. After a series of events at a club, and the reapperance of Victor Kruger, they finally meet with the Archivist and determine their next destination is New York, where one of the artifacts is placed in the Empire State Building.
  • Abigail “Abby” Roth, Jezebel “J.J” Jones, and Eva Gardner continue flying to Cairo. Will they ever arrive?
  • Phillip Jakobson makes his way back into Gainesville after the failed attempt at searching Devil’s Millhopper. Arriving at Eva’s place, he notices that the apartment looks a little ransacked, and that the phone and computer Eva had lent him were missing. A noise eminates from the bathroom and Victor opens the door. They both decide to head to a restaurant.
  • Tariq Hiraga revives as a vampire and is awed by his powers for a length of time before drinking from the fratboy blood slaves and then heading into town to confront Phillip. Calling Phillip, he launches into an angry tirade before Officer Binky notices him and tells him to simmer down, you’re disturbing the peace. Tariq stalks off, finally meeting Phillip and Victor at the restaurant, holding all of a five minute discussion before Victor excuses himself to use the restroom and promptly disappears again, leaving Phillip to pay the bill.
Bathrooms, rats and nudity
  • Eva Gardner, Abigail “Abby” Roth, and Jezebel “J.J” Jones travel to Orlando to board a private jet for Cairo. Eva decides to feed and targets a group of cheerleaders, successfully dominating one of them and drinking their blood while the other two are involved in a cat fight in the bathroom. The girls then board the plane without further incident.
  • Meanwhile, Phillip in Gainesville contacts his drinking buddy Tariq Hiraga in order to explore some of the surrounding areas where there could be information on the supernatural phenomena plaguing the city. After receiving some information about the surrounding natural sinkholes which could be acting as a conduit of transportation and of supernaturals, Phillip and Tariq travel to Devil’s Millhopper just outside of town. On their arrival that evening, they proceed to investigate an unusual entrance which leads them into a cave system where a small group of strange, half man, half goat people are currently attempting to sacrifice, oh, wait, suddenly rats attacking Tariq. While the goat men run for their lives, Phillip attempts to free Tariq from the rats by beating them off with a wall hanging, unfortunately igniting the entire room in flame. Phillip’s geist Ivy notifies him of the vampiric energy, and while Phillip does make a rescue attempt, he is ultimately driven back by the flame and the vampire energy. Tariq is left behind.
  • Connar Larsson and Jonathan Masters pick up Thomas Highchild from the hospital and find a motel. They agree on taking a bus to Nashville in the morning and try to get some sleep. Tommy wakes up to some noise outside the window and assumes they’re just walking by. Tommy then goes to the bathroom. Some guys break into the room and sedate Connar and Jonathan. Tommy hears this and tries to finish. A redneck kicks the door. Tommy stands up and pulls his pants up. The door is kicked in and Tommy grabs the toilet brush, dunks it into the toilet and thrusts it at the intruder. Tommy misses and is stabbed by the intruder with a syringe. The syringe didn’t take effect and the redneck behind the intruder hands the intruder another syringe. Tommy uses the toilet brush, disarms the intruder and the syringe almost hits the redneck to the rear. The intruder tries to tackle Tommy and misses. The redneck grabs the syringe. Tommy leaps over the intruder and past the redneck. The intruder grabs Tommy by the ankle and the redneck stabs Tommy with the syringe. Tommy blacks out.
  • Connar is captured and challenged to locate his friends by Jed, the alpha werewolf of the area around Dalton, Georgia, and brother-cousin of Sheriff Buford. The pack then proceeds to chase him all over the forest in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Tommy wakes up naked chained to a tree. Thinking it was Clarissa Statesman again, Tommy gets more details from Jonathan. Tommy comes up with a plan, Jon and Tommy squat down and search for a stick or something to lock pick the manacle. They find a hard stick but Tommy can’t pick the lock with it. Frustrated, Tommy bangs his hands against the tree and one of the manacles comes off. They’re free. Tommy and Jonathan begin trying to follow the foot prints back to civilization. Tommy believes Jonathan is losing his mind as he begins talking to ghosts of civil war soldiers. A howl breaks the quiet of the night as Tommy freaks out and tries to run away. A second howl is heard and Tommy recovers his composure, only to be dragged away by a now frightened Jonathan. They continue this for a while, getting frightened and getting lost. Jonathan freaks out and pushes Tommy to the ground but then Jonathan loses balance and lands on top of Tommy. Tommy threatens “shitting on it” if Jonathan ever thinks about raping him. Even though it was strange circumstances, they are now uncomfortably warm. They stand back up and resume getting lost. Connar is seen flying over Tommy and Jonathan‘s head into a tree. 3 wolves charge towards where Connar landed. Jonathan and Tommy used the chain between them to trip over one of the wolves. The other wolf starts laughing like a hyena. This causes the tripped wolf to sulk off. Tommy and Jonathan try to nonchalantly make their way towards Connar and the hyena-wolf jumps in front of them. They prepare for battle when the wolves leave. They find Connar and travel back to Dalton city. Tommy finds some clothes hanging to dry. Tommy found a nice suit that fits him perfectly in colors that matches his eyes, Jonathan got a floral dress for a larger lady andConnar decided to just turn into a wolf instead of wearing a child’s lederhosen. They make it back to their motel where Tommy breaks in.
Airplanes and Jeeps
  • Tommy wakes up and begins cooking egg benedict. Luckily there happens to be Hollandaise sauce in JJ’s apartment. Connar calls up and then arrives to talk Nashville road trip plans. Connar calls Jonathan Masters and then all 3 of them meet up at Jonathan’s place. They purchase a Jeep Wrangler for the journey. Connar Larsson, Jonathan Masters and Thomas Highchild rock up at Eva Gardner’s place. Eva recieved some bad news about her dad and was going to Egypt. Abigail “Abby” Roth and Jezebel “J.J” Jones decide to go with her. Phillip Jakobson decides to stay with Luke Bane’s still unconscious body, more an attempt to stop Tommy from stuffing his body in a large size metal toolbox. Tommy upset from not being able to pull off his “Weekend at Bernies” style kidnapping, decides to leave in the Jeep with Connar and Jonathan. They leave Gainesville in the Orange mocha frappacino express.
  • Phillip remains behind to investigate the supernatural forces of Gainesville, and to get a good night’s rest. Having told Eva of the time it would take to make repairs to his van, she calls Bill the mechanic and “requests” that he move up the repairs, instead of 5-6 weeks, it will take only two.
  • 6 hours later, Connar Larsson, Jonathan Masters and Thomas Highchild rear-end a semi truck while Connar was trying to call his mum and driving. Tommy smacks his head onto the dashboard in the accident. They manage to crawl out of the vehicle to see their wrecked Jeep. Tommy begins trying to pull out his suitcase while a female trucker comes out of her truck with a shotgun. Tommy and Jonathan continue to try and take out their luggage while Connar begins to talk to the trucker. An argument heats up between Connar and the trucker then Tommy interjects and calms the situation down. Sheriff Buford and his deputy show up at the crash site and pull Connar aside. Tommy redirects the trucker’s anger and dismay towards what caused the sudden stop in the middle of I-75 and then returns to pulling out his suitcase in which he finally succeeds. An ambulance shows to to tend to the wounded. Tommy notices his phone is destroyed. Tommy seeing how wrecked the Jeep is thinks of another way to continue the journey. Tommy goes up to the ambulance and begins flirting with the female paramedic. With Tommy’s success, he manages to get a ride to the hospital but not without his friends. Tommy declines, opting to stay with his friends since he doesn’t have a phone anymore. Just as he’s getting the blonde paramedic’s number, the deputy comes over and interrupts. The deputy is the paramedic’s cousin. The deputy begins questioning Tommy and Jonathan. Someone starts talking about werewolves and Tommy instinctively uses his mage spidey sense. Tommy notices Sheriff Buford’s aura is similar to Connar’s aura. The group splits off with Tommy and Connar going with the sheriff and Jonathan going with the car wreck. Sheriff Buford threaten Connar and Tommy to leave before noon. A frantic series of calls from Connar Larsson to Phillip doesn’t net the group any sort of transportation, potentially dooming them to be stuck in Dalton, Georgia.
The Pilot Episode Part 3
Walk of Shame
  • Phillip emerges from the waters of Lake Alice, having collapsed and then been revived by a geist. Stumbling through the woods to the road, he is nearly run down by Eva who has also woken up after being buried. Faced with Eva‘s crazy look and the fact that she’s covered in filth, Phillip takes off running yet again, Eva pursuing him. As they run along, a bicyclist notices them and not paying attention, hits a rock and falls. Eva‘s bloodlust kicks in, and she jumps the new target, drinking from his blood, and causing the man to scream in terror. Phillip has stopped to take in the insanity of the scene frozen with fear and yet perfectly aware he could be the next target, however Eva has her fill and the man scrambles off as quickly as he can. Both Eva and Phillip travel to Eva’s apartment in order to clean up and determine what’s going on.
  • Tommy is at Steak ‘n’ Shake with JJ andConnar but then some people had to leave. Tommy had a rough night and was really hungry so decided to stay and eat with Connar. After which, they made their way to the Segway store about the same time a shipment of Vespa Segways had arrived.
  • Replacing his Segway, Thomas andConnar make their way to Eva’s place. The place is locked but everyone ends up talking outside it, discussing part of last night’s events to Phillip and Eva. Both Tommy and JJ see some sort of figure hovering around Phillip, though he is rather silent on the issue. Tommy walks inside and begins sleeping on the couch as they argue. Everyone departs in order to prepare for a trip north. Tommy was awoken and then went to JJ’s to sleep some more.
The Pilot Episode part 2
Morning Misery
  • Tommy woke up to some banging on the door. He found out he was still in JJ’s apartment and she was still freaking out. He answered the door to a naked Connar and his uncle, Douglas Larsson. Seeing thatConnar needed pants, Tommy opened Connar’s door. Tommy cooked Eggs Benedict as Douglas explained about werewolves. While cooking, Tommy found a perfect sense of timing. They leave the apartment to go to some meeting of supernaturals.
  • Connar, Douglas and Tommy arrive at the meeting. Tommy starts talking to the werewolves to which Connar rejects him and tells him to hang with mages. Tommy goes over feeling a little hurt but continues to be excited by this crazy series of circumstances of supernatural beings being real. Tommy sees Abby and starts talking, apparently she’s a mage and so is he. Tommy also sees Luke to whom he starts calling out to when some elderly person begins the meeting. He’s then interrupted by a Mysterious Vampire who talks about an Eye of Osiris and then some people with ghosts attached to them cried out in pain, some dying. She laughs crazily and disappears. The supernaturals begin arguing. Tommy walks over to Luke and they begin talking. The Mysterious Vampire was his maker explaining his strange bar disappearance. Abby comes over and joins in the conversation as does Connar and Jon. The Supernaturals notice this an task the group with finding the Eye’s of Osiris.
  • Phillip emerged from the wilderness early in the morning, having spent a sleepless night waiting for whatever was going to eat him… He thinks. After returning to his van, he discovers his wallet missing and proceeds to retrace his steps along Lake Alice. As the evening begins, he wanders near the Baughman Center, and is promptly frightened as the amulet is used, sparking all sorts of mystic energies that swirl and glow, and cause him to run away in terror, and fall into the lake.
  • Eva has been buried underground.
The Pilot Episode
Awful things happen to awful people
  • Thomas wakes up to a knock on the door to see Veronica Merkelberg, the Quidditch Snitch apologizing for getting caught by the wrong team. Stating she was distracted by some fireworks going off mid-game. She was paid by Thomas to be caught by the other side. Seeing the problem with this, he calls Connar who then tries to this of a way to fix this. Connar calls Benjamin “Ben Ten” Pencilton who tells him that there is $50 and most of the cash was spent on the fireworks. Clarissa Statesman walks in with some Football players and until she gets her money, she’s holding Thomas as ransom. Thomas tires to escape only to run into more Football players.
  • Connar Larsson calls Eva Gardner to try and get some cash but she refuses. Eva then calls Clarissa Statesman and threatens to take Clarissa’s car unless she releases Thomas Highchild. Clarissa agrees.
  • Thomas Highchild is now found naked, handcuffed to his apartment door, where the other dorm residents are laughing and enjoying the view. Eva Gardner and Connar Larsson arrive and break apart the handcuffs and they all make their way into the apartment, where Thomas gets dressed. Connar and Thomas decide to search for Phillip Jakobson, the guy responsible for setting off the firework early and causing the morning’s shenanigans.
  • Connar Larsson and Thomas Highchild segway to to the Blue Oyster Bar where they meet Luke Bane, someone who may know where Phillip Jakobson is. After an inquiry failed to produce results, they agree to wait until after Luke’s shift so they all can look for him. Luke goes into the back area where he is attacked by a Mysterious Vampire. Officer Binky is keeping an eye on Connar Larsson who is a minor.
  • The Blue Oyster manager can’t find Luke Bane so since Thomas Highchild works there as well he asks Tommy to fill in until the next shift shows up. Thomas agrees as long as he can finish his Guinness first. Connar Larsson decides to find Benjamin “Ben Ten” Pencilton. Connar asks Ben Ten for Phillip’s phone number to which he gives a company number. Connar calls only to find out that he’s been transferred to India. Connar gets frustrated and attacks Ben Ten who kicks Connar’s ass. Connar leaves.
  • Phillip Jakobson arrives at the Blue Oyster Bar after escaping his naked bodyguards. He drinks the water then has 2 beers served byThomas Highchild. Thomas has had a lot to drink, due to his constant refilling of his Guinness. Connar Larsson arrives and Thomas attaches one half of a fuzzy handcuff to Phillip’s wrist. Connar gets to Phillip and begins threatening him and taking him out of the bar. The next shift shows up and Thomas Highchild proceeds to follow them. They get outside to the segway and are stopped by Officer Binky who inquires about the threatening nature of Phillip’s escort. Tommy starts persauding the officer that it isn’t threatening to which Officer Binky doesn’t believe. By then, the segway and the occupants are 50 yards away and turn a corner. There is some screaming, animals noises and loud banging. Officer Binky and Tommy run up to the alley to find torn clothes and smashed Segway. Tommy is distraught.
    *Meanwhile Phillip is running for his life, having been caught completely off guard by his captor suddenly convulsing and crashing the Segway into a dumpster and then attemping to rip his own face off. Phillip immediately takes off in the opposite direction terrified by the sights and sounds of Connar’stransformation. For Connar the situation is much more straightforward…first he’s in pain…the force of his transformation is agonizing and leaves him as little more than a beast, intent only on sating his blood lust and hunger…fortunately prey is easy to find…its the thing running away…so as he recovers from his wounds he gives prusuit following Phillip in his mad dash across town towards Lake Alice.
  • Thomas Highchild receives a phone call fromJezebel “J.J” Jones who is freaking out, talking about bugs as phones and tentacles. Still upset by the loss of his segway, Tommy drags it to JJ’s place. He makes it to the apartment where he starts seeing fairies and elves. There must be a gas leak in the apartment.
    *Meanwhile Phillip continues to run away from the beast now chasing him, dodging around trees and generally trying hard not to get caught. Seeing a bicycle unchained from a post, he swipes it and starts biking as fast as he can. Dodging across a road, he looks back just in time to see Connar or the beast, whatever it is, get hit by a car, which distracts him from the embankment over Lake Alice. Phillip plummets over the edge and hits the water hard.
  • Connar is now very pissed off and in pain. Now focused on the car, which was driven by Jonathan, Connar proceeds to use it as a battering ram against the poor guy. He then runs off into the woods, as Jonathan is brought to the edge of death, and then revived by a geist.

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