Unusual Investigations

The Pilot Episode
Awful things happen to awful people
  • Thomas wakes up to a knock on the door to see Veronica Merkelberg, the Quidditch Snitch apologizing for getting caught by the wrong team. Stating she was distracted by some fireworks going off mid-game. She was paid by Thomas to be caught by the other side. Seeing the problem with this, he calls Connar who then tries to this of a way to fix this. Connar calls Benjamin “Ben Ten” Pencilton who tells him that there is $50 and most of the cash was spent on the fireworks. Clarissa Statesman walks in with some Football players and until she gets her money, she’s holding Thomas as ransom. Thomas tires to escape only to run into more Football players.
  • Connar Larsson calls Eva Gardner to try and get some cash but she refuses. Eva then calls Clarissa Statesman and threatens to take Clarissa’s car unless she releases Thomas Highchild. Clarissa agrees.
  • Thomas Highchild is now found naked, handcuffed to his apartment door, where the other dorm residents are laughing and enjoying the view. Eva Gardner and Connar Larsson arrive and break apart the handcuffs and they all make their way into the apartment, where Thomas gets dressed. Connar and Thomas decide to search for Phillip Jakobson, the guy responsible for setting off the firework early and causing the morning’s shenanigans.
  • Connar Larsson and Thomas Highchild segway to to the Blue Oyster Bar where they meet Luke Bane, someone who may know where Phillip Jakobson is. After an inquiry failed to produce results, they agree to wait until after Luke’s shift so they all can look for him. Luke goes into the back area where he is attacked by a Mysterious Vampire. Officer Binky is keeping an eye on Connar Larsson who is a minor.
  • The Blue Oyster manager can’t find Luke Bane so since Thomas Highchild works there as well he asks Tommy to fill in until the next shift shows up. Thomas agrees as long as he can finish his Guinness first. Connar Larsson decides to find Benjamin “Ben Ten” Pencilton. Connar asks Ben Ten for Phillip’s phone number to which he gives a company number. Connar calls only to find out that he’s been transferred to India. Connar gets frustrated and attacks Ben Ten who kicks Connar’s ass. Connar leaves.
  • Phillip Jakobson arrives at the Blue Oyster Bar after escaping his naked bodyguards. He drinks the water then has 2 beers served byThomas Highchild. Thomas has had a lot to drink, due to his constant refilling of his Guinness. Connar Larsson arrives and Thomas attaches one half of a fuzzy handcuff to Phillip’s wrist. Connar gets to Phillip and begins threatening him and taking him out of the bar. The next shift shows up and Thomas Highchild proceeds to follow them. They get outside to the segway and are stopped by Officer Binky who inquires about the threatening nature of Phillip’s escort. Tommy starts persauding the officer that it isn’t threatening to which Officer Binky doesn’t believe. By then, the segway and the occupants are 50 yards away and turn a corner. There is some screaming, animals noises and loud banging. Officer Binky and Tommy run up to the alley to find torn clothes and smashed Segway. Tommy is distraught.
    *Meanwhile Phillip is running for his life, having been caught completely off guard by his captor suddenly convulsing and crashing the Segway into a dumpster and then attemping to rip his own face off. Phillip immediately takes off in the opposite direction terrified by the sights and sounds of Connar’stransformation. For Connar the situation is much more straightforward…first he’s in pain…the force of his transformation is agonizing and leaves him as little more than a beast, intent only on sating his blood lust and hunger…fortunately prey is easy to find…its the thing running away…so as he recovers from his wounds he gives prusuit following Phillip in his mad dash across town towards Lake Alice.
  • Thomas Highchild receives a phone call fromJezebel “J.J” Jones who is freaking out, talking about bugs as phones and tentacles. Still upset by the loss of his segway, Tommy drags it to JJ’s place. He makes it to the apartment where he starts seeing fairies and elves. There must be a gas leak in the apartment.
    *Meanwhile Phillip continues to run away from the beast now chasing him, dodging around trees and generally trying hard not to get caught. Seeing a bicycle unchained from a post, he swipes it and starts biking as fast as he can. Dodging across a road, he looks back just in time to see Connar or the beast, whatever it is, get hit by a car, which distracts him from the embankment over Lake Alice. Phillip plummets over the edge and hits the water hard.
  • Connar is now very pissed off and in pain. Now focused on the car, which was driven by Jonathan, Connar proceeds to use it as a battering ram against the poor guy. He then runs off into the woods, as Jonathan is brought to the edge of death, and then revived by a geist.

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