UPC: Nicholas Collins

Jonathan's Cousin and Bad Influence


Nicholas and Jonathan spent only a single year of their life together when Jonathan first moved to the states at the age of seventeen. That year had Jonathan’s Uncle Barnaby leaving his London home and stepping in to get Jonathan far away from Nicholas. In the year the two boys were together they committed a series of minor pranks and broke a few drinking laws. One such inebriated night Jonathan, on a dare from Nicholas, scaled the bronze statue of the town’s founder and the ancestor of both the town’s sheriff and mayor, and decapitated the rugged frontier’s man. What followed was Jonathan and Nicholas both on the run – it was his Uncle Barnaby that saved Jonathan and, after some pleading, Nicholas. But after that Jonathan was not allowed to see Nicholas again and the two have kept infrequent contact – the last he heard through the family was that Nicholas was somewhere in Tennessee after a brief stint in a Nashville prison.


UPC: Nicholas Collins

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