Manny Bogart

Voted most likely to spit in your beer.


Age: 25
DOB: October 15, 1991
Nationality: American
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Race: Caucasian

- Mother: Samantha Bogart (Alive)
- Father: James Bogart (Alive)
- Siblings: None

- Band: Bruce Springsteen
- Drink: Guinness
- Movie: Warrior
- Book: Anything by James Ellroy
- Food: Burritos

Quick Profile:
- Hair: Red-brown
- Eyes: Brown
- Build: Athletic
- Height: 5’10
- Face: Scruffy
- Personality: 100% done. Nope. Call me when it’s over. Wait, don’t kill that guy. Damnit.


Manny was born in 1991 in a home birth to Samantha and Manny Bogart, devout Roman Catholics. His mother was a home-maker and his father worked on the police force (now retired). His childhood was All-American normal more or less. He attended church on a regular basis, got good grades, was polite, outgoing, and took part in extracurricular activities like baseball. This cycle of normal existence continued until he was about 12 years old an in Confession with the priest. While in the solitude of the booth, something ripped open the door to the priest’s side and ripped the man to pieces while the horrified child watched. For whatever reason, the even disappeared from his memory, but the emotional backlash remained.

His life split here. He became more withdrawn and harder to get along with. He became slightly paranoid and sullen. He kept up with his parents expectations to do well in school, but his extracurricular activities flagged. His friendships crumbled and he found himself unable to venture back into the church. Time passed and he found his way to UF, working on a Criminology degree to follow in his father’s footsteps. His sullen, unpleasant moods followed, making him rather unpopular. This led to a grim incident where he was hauled out of the dorm showers and tossed into a nearby dumpster. Luckily, Jericho Blessed was there to pluck him out, creating the foundation of a grudging friendship and one of the few he has.

Currently, Manny works at Durty Nelly’s as a bartender.

Manny Bogart

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