UPC: Jack Larsson

Connar's uncle, Rahu of the Storm Lords


once the Larsson brothers formed what the Uratha call “a blessed pack” a pack were each of the five auspice signs were represented, and Jack the eldest ruled as Alpha. together they became something of a legend among the werewolves of Australia. but all that changed after Graeme met the american Kay Sterling. Jack never forgave his brothers Graeme and Douglas for what he viewed as abandoning their pack, or more importantly for the loss of face he suffered afterwards. over the years Jack’s anger towards his brothers only grew. although it cant be said that he rejoiced upon hearing of Graeme’s death he certainly wasnt emotionally troubled. After Graemes death Jack transfered his anger to the closest thing left to his brother, his nephew. it is mostly through Jack’s efforts that Connar has had virtually no contact with his father’s family as Jack maintains that he will never settle to speak with the “filthy bastard half breed”.


UPC: Jack Larsson

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