NPC: Charon aka "Karen"

Jonathan's Demon


Charon is a rather old demon, though one that hasn’t gained as much power as many. Originally formed during the Antediluvian era, Charon’s first name was Khaine by the people of the Mesopotamian valley. He was considered a lesser god of their people and one called upon during the height of combat. As Khaine he would be drawn into those who reached a height of fervor, attaching to them and riding them hard through battle and generally destroying the vessel.

In dreams Khaine would appear to those soon into battle was a frightful creature. The body of a great bull with the legs of a lion, its flesh replaced by brazen plates of brass and its wings formed of the same molten metal. The head is that of a man, with a mouth filled with leonine fangs whose hair is plaited braids of steel blades and whose eyes are rubies.

It wasn’t until the 2500 BC that he found a long lasting home – a man who would be king: Gilgamesh.

To this man Khaine was known as Ishtar, this is where the Epic was wrong. While Khaine did take the form of a woman she was not an enemy of Gilgamesh but his one driving force. It nestled within him, granted him his longevity and might. And through him Ishtar learned, not temperance, but Pride. Eventually, Gilgamesh rebelled – wanting the spirit expelled. Ishtar returned this by summoning forth torrential hellfire from Gilgamesh’s body before letting it burn out, returning to the Hell from whence she came.

As Ishtar her body was more beautiful than deadly. Her wings were the blades of swords, her body was bare silver steel. Her body tapered from a slender waist to a serpentine, metallic length. In either of her hands were bladed half-moons formed of black flame.

Later, Ishtar would reemerge in Greece – revered now as a God, though not gaining much power from it. She was believed to be Ares, god of uncontrolled war and slaughter. Once more he appeared in the dreams of slumbering men as a warrior god befitting their own ideals. To these he would take the shape of a bloody-handed god. His body was once again clad in bronze plates, the helmet hiding his face save for two burning eyes. His weapons were a long, barbed xiphos blade and a flaming dory spear. A cloak of blood red hung from two pauldrons shaped into skulls and flowed down into molten blood at his feet.

It was soon that he found another wonderful home, a slowly emerging hero amongst the masses. In the blind rage of the man did Ares find his home, the rage of a man who would be claimed a demigod – Heracles. Ares and Heracles, together, strode through paths of death and destruction – the violence the man could unleash even without his urging and power was phenomenal. Heracles bitter resentment drove him to expelling the demon and killing himself, leaving Ares without his home.

He would continue to spread aggression and rage throughout the empires that came after – in Rome he was responsible for Caesar’s rise and fall. Corrush, Belian, Vael, Siggorak were all names he held before he had settled into the name of Charon.

Wrath, Pride, and Envy – all of these are representative of Charon, though to those he takes he is slow to show the truth of his power, always letting them know of Wrath before they can taste the sweetness of Pride and the bitterness of Envy.

The Bloody Hand
Lord of Red Slaughter
The Carrion King
The Glorious One
The Bitter Serpent
The Emerald Lady
The Phoenician
The Red Angel
Death Lord


NPC: Charon aka "Karen"

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