APC: Jericho Blessed

Estranged father and boyfriend; descended from crazy


Born to two loving parents – ‘Jericho’ grew up with everything a kid could want, and more. Summers were spent traveling the world, winters in their luxury cottage in Colorado (this luxury cottage was an ancient affair of modernized stone and oak to resemble nothing so much as a madman’s dream of an American castle). His father, Magnus Horatio Maximus Blessed, was descended from a long line of American barons – steel, oil, opium, railroad, opium, and counterfeit all-too-real horse-thief-gold. His mother, Lilian Anora von Schtepp-Blessed is the heiress of the Von Schtepp Cookie and Chocolate Factory.

Both were independently wealthy and made sure to raise their son – Theodosious Honorius Jericho Wilhelm Frederick Constantin Blessed – to never think of money as everything, but rather just as something moderately important. However, this lesson didn’t take too well (initially) as it was delivered by Magnus while the family was dining in a massive zeppelin Jericho’ father had had built so he could ‘dine above the problems of the world’ – this was used for only a single night and was decommissioned for parts the next day.

Jericho was that rich kid most people hated, but gradually began to like once he fell in love with his future ex-girlfriend Melissa Kenning. Once he started dating Melissa in his junior year of high school things settled down – he took his studies seriously and managed to graduate with honours in high school and finish up enough college to get a job teaching in high school, thanks to dual-enrollment. His parents were glad he had decided to live independently of their vast fortunes. Though, when old Magnus was diagnosed with terminal boneitis, he made sure to leave Jericho and the pregnant Melissa a pittance of an inheritance: 10% of his fortune with a monthly income of 10% of the interest of his fortune, Lilian would live off the rest.

Jericho and Melissa took the money (enough for them to live comfortably for years if neither of them worked) and set it aside in banks and investments (all the investments that old Magnus had bought into and done well), determined that the money would go to their unborn child’s future. Four years after their son – Magnus Arthur Blessed-Kenning, named for both Jericho and Melissa’s fathers – was born everything soured.

Jericho and Melissa were planning their marriage when she was nearly hit by a bus, Jericho being the one to save her. Then everything changed – she hated him, irrationally so – she didn’t even understand why. She wanted nothing to do with him; she didn’t want his money and forbade him from having anything to do with young Arthur.

Jericho still doesn’t know what went wrong – his mother occasionally visits his small apartment to console him and try to push him to doing new things and find motivation.


Lilian Anora von Schtepp-Blessed


Magnus Horatio Maximus Blessed


Melissa Kenning


Magnus Arthur Blessed-Kenning

APC: Jericho Blessed

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