Unusual Investigations

Welcome to Nashville

  • Connar Larsson, Jonathan Masters, and Thomas Highchild meet up with Luke Bane, finally arriving in Nashville. After a series of events at a club, and the reapperance of Victor Kruger, they finally meet with the Archivist and determine their next destination is New York, where one of the artifacts is placed in the Empire State Building.
  • Abigail “Abby” Roth, Jezebel “J.J” Jones, and Eva Gardner continue flying to Cairo. Will they ever arrive?
  • Phillip Jakobson makes his way back into Gainesville after the failed attempt at searching Devil’s Millhopper. Arriving at Eva’s place, he notices that the apartment looks a little ransacked, and that the phone and computer Eva had lent him were missing. A noise eminates from the bathroom and Victor opens the door. They both decide to head to a restaurant.
  • Tariq Hiraga revives as a vampire and is awed by his powers for a length of time before drinking from the fratboy blood slaves and then heading into town to confront Phillip. Calling Phillip, he launches into an angry tirade before Officer Binky notices him and tells him to simmer down, you’re disturbing the peace. Tariq stalks off, finally meeting Phillip and Victor at the restaurant, holding all of a five minute discussion before Victor excuses himself to use the restroom and promptly disappears again, leaving Phillip to pay the bill.


CandiceChambers Jacubii

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