Unusual Investigations

The Pilot Episode Part 3

Walk of Shame

  • Phillip emerges from the waters of Lake Alice, having collapsed and then been revived by a geist. Stumbling through the woods to the road, he is nearly run down by Eva who has also woken up after being buried. Faced with Eva‘s crazy look and the fact that she’s covered in filth, Phillip takes off running yet again, Eva pursuing him. As they run along, a bicyclist notices them and not paying attention, hits a rock and falls. Eva‘s bloodlust kicks in, and she jumps the new target, drinking from his blood, and causing the man to scream in terror. Phillip has stopped to take in the insanity of the scene frozen with fear and yet perfectly aware he could be the next target, however Eva has her fill and the man scrambles off as quickly as he can. Both Eva and Phillip travel to Eva’s apartment in order to clean up and determine what’s going on.
  • Tommy is at Steak ‘n’ Shake with JJ andConnar but then some people had to leave. Tommy had a rough night and was really hungry so decided to stay and eat with Connar. After which, they made their way to the Segway store about the same time a shipment of Vespa Segways had arrived.
  • Replacing his Segway, Thomas andConnar make their way to Eva’s place. The place is locked but everyone ends up talking outside it, discussing part of last night’s events to Phillip and Eva. Both Tommy and JJ see some sort of figure hovering around Phillip, though he is rather silent on the issue. Tommy walks inside and begins sleeping on the couch as they argue. Everyone departs in order to prepare for a trip north. Tommy was awoken and then went to JJ’s to sleep some more.


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