Unusual Investigations

The Pilot Episode part 2

Morning Misery

  • Tommy woke up to some banging on the door. He found out he was still in JJ’s apartment and she was still freaking out. He answered the door to a naked Connar and his uncle, Douglas Larsson. Seeing thatConnar needed pants, Tommy opened Connar’s door. Tommy cooked Eggs Benedict as Douglas explained about werewolves. While cooking, Tommy found a perfect sense of timing. They leave the apartment to go to some meeting of supernaturals.
  • Connar, Douglas and Tommy arrive at the meeting. Tommy starts talking to the werewolves to which Connar rejects him and tells him to hang with mages. Tommy goes over feeling a little hurt but continues to be excited by this crazy series of circumstances of supernatural beings being real. Tommy sees Abby and starts talking, apparently she’s a mage and so is he. Tommy also sees Luke to whom he starts calling out to when some elderly person begins the meeting. He’s then interrupted by a Mysterious Vampire who talks about an Eye of Osiris and then some people with ghosts attached to them cried out in pain, some dying. She laughs crazily and disappears. The supernaturals begin arguing. Tommy walks over to Luke and they begin talking. The Mysterious Vampire was his maker explaining his strange bar disappearance. Abby comes over and joins in the conversation as does Connar and Jon. The Supernaturals notice this an task the group with finding the Eye’s of Osiris.
  • Phillip emerged from the wilderness early in the morning, having spent a sleepless night waiting for whatever was going to eat him… He thinks. After returning to his van, he discovers his wallet missing and proceeds to retrace his steps along Lake Alice. As the evening begins, he wanders near the Baughman Center, and is promptly frightened as the amulet is used, sparking all sorts of mystic energies that swirl and glow, and cause him to run away in terror, and fall into the lake.
  • Eva has been buried underground.


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