Unusual Investigations

Misdirection, Fire and Men in Black

  • Tommy, Connar, Jonathan and Luke take a bus to New York. Luke is in a bag under the bus to prevent sun damage. Tommy finds out he’s a mage and is given a contact to call for more information and help. After series of events where Luke leaves early in West Virginia and there’s an altercation in a diner that leaves the bus empty and the diner destroyed, they drive back through West Virginia to find Luke. Tommy feels less certain of his co-adventurers motivations.
  • Jonathan, after getting into an argument with his geist, was a mortal for a day before Connar accidentally cut himself on a silver straight razor, releasing the bound demon within “Karen”, an ancient demon of wrath, pride and envy who spent the bus ride goading Jonathan into acts of destruction through fire. Eventually, during a confrontation with three vampires at a diner, Jonathan allowed “Karen” into his body to turn one of the vampires into ash – while simultaneously killing their prey, a mother. After this Jonathan, Tommy, and Connar steal the dead woman’s Tahoe and retrace their steps to track down Luke, who has committed a series of extreme crimes in the absence of the three.
  • Eva Gardner, Jezebel “J.J” Jones, and Abigail “Abby” Roth arrive in Cairo, Egypt and head to see Eva’s father. Upon arriving at the hospital, Eva attempts to administer to her father before a group of military men arrive and announce that Eva and her group must evacuate. While reluctant, the three women leave and are promptly captured. While Eva fights her captors when they enter to retrieve her companions, killing one, she is ultimately stuck in a small hotel-like room.
  • Abby is interrogated by Agent Ethan Stone, and Agent Alice Nelson, while their first exchanges are relatively neutral, as the hour passes Abby’s will is broken down and she eventually spills a lot of information regarding the group, before being pulled away by a flash of light. The agents are left to determine how they are going to file a report on this.
  • Abby arrives in her grandfather’s house, Edward Roth having teleported her out of harm’s way, and reminds her of the mission. Abby describes the situation to him, and Edward gives her a piece of information to help her before allowing her to rest up and heading back to Egypt.


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