Unusual Investigations

Fires, Ghost Dogs, and Three's Company

Business as usual in our new line of… well, I guess ‘work’ works, though I don’t think any of us get paid. We were messaged by JJ about an issue at an apartment complex – deciding I wanted a safer drive over, and needing breakfast, I elected to take my bike rather than that death-trap of a black jeep Tommy and Connar drive. I hit up the Hollandaise – ordered off their menu (the food is horrible, but cheaper than a McDonald’s dollar menu), and grabbed an extra meal to go in case anyone was hungry.

Even with stopping to get breakfast, I still managed to arrive at the place at the same time as the other four – I can only guess the jeep broke down once or twice, maybe one of its wheels even went rolling away. Checking the messages again we were looking out for something known as the ‘azul’. Tommy and I, having the closest thing approximating mystical knowledge, could only figure that it was a spelling error on JJ’s part – and both of us prepared to deal with the demonic ghost hounds of Gozer – Zuul and Vinz Klortho.

I sorely wished we were just dealing with a reality bending demon-god from the lands of the dead, but no, it was much worse: spiders. Lots of spiders. Peter bolted for the nearest house (can’t blame the guy) as the landlord vomited forth hundreds of spiders. Tommy and I went running for the black jeep (suddenly not that much of a death trap) when two of the ghost hounds appeared. Connar wolfed-out and wrestled with one while the other, along with a flood of spiders, came after yours truly.

Jumping into the jeep and rolling up the windows made me feel moderately safer – until I realized it was a canvas-top jeep. I might need to talk to those two about reinforcing a car designed to hunt the supernatural. But that’s for a day where silver spiders, ghost dogs, and an old man who looks exactly like Don Knotts aren’t trying to kill me.

Mr. Higgins launched himself onto the back of the jeep as Tommy began torching spiders in front of him. I grabbed Tommy’s sword and thrust it up into the landlord’s chest. The bushes behind me were on fire as Tommy burned the shrubbery before kicking the jeep into reverse, slamming us into the facade of the apartment building and ramming Mr. Higgins further down onto his sword. I was so glad for the canvas – as we pulled forward, ghost dog mounted on the hood and being torched by the still burning flamethrower – I saw webbing connecting the canvas top to Mr. Higgins – and then watched him slowly vanish into more spiders.


Both ghost dogs were down, there were spiders everywhere. Tommy spun the jeep around, driving over a fire hydrant and breaking it from the ground. Backing up over it, he directed the spray out at the spiders – and put out most of the fire. I ripped the flamethrower out of the hood and helped finish off the rest of the spiders.

Now, where the hell did Peter get to?


CandiceChambers Silverflame91

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