Unusual Investigations

Diner Duels, Apartment Stakeouts and Rescue Plans

"What is this, a scene from a movie?"

  • Phillip is enjoying the last few sips of coffee at a late night diner in town when everything breaks loose. Two small time crooks are also enjoying a meal, and in a sudden moment of inspiration decide to rob the diner. Confronting Phillip, they demand his wallet and that he attempt to open a briefcase belonging to a gentleman who looks similar to Jules from the movie Pulp Fiction. “Jules” decides that he will have none of that and opens fire on the two hooligans. Phillip dives away from the gunfight, swiping the briefcase, taking a few shots which seem to have absolutely no effect on him, and runs through the kitchen with “Jules” in pursuit. Attempting to make his escape, he nearly bumps back into “Jules” in the lobby before running out a fire escape and making his way from the scene. He returns to Eva’s apartment and carefully opens the case, finding some money, car keys, a pillow and blanket, and something that growls. Ivy, Phillip’s geist advises him to close the briefcase, which Phillip does and prepares to retire for the night.
  • Jonathan, Tommy, and Connar attempt to capture Luke by staking out the apartment he is visiting, where Luke has requested the fairies build him some sort of “supernatural nuclear weapon.” After a series of quests involving the bargaining with the fae, Luke, using craigslist, gets a ghoul in the form of a 17 year old girl. An argument breaks out between Connar and Luke over the ghoul, both of which makes the ghoul upset. Tommy comforts the ghoul. They stop at a dinner with werewolves. The werewolves tell Connar that Jonathon is possessed by a demon. The werewolves attack. Connar andLuke attack each other. Jonathon starts burning werewolves. Tommy jumps into the car and drives off, leaving his psychotic friends behind and taking the ghoul to a safer place. Jonathon turns into a greater demon and the rest of the wolves are killed. Even though he has little trust in his “friends”, Tommy comes back. More arguments with the group leave Luke and Jonathon behind to fend for themselves as Connar and Tommy take the ghoul with them. Luke creates 2 more ghouls. Jonathon and Luke make up and Luke bargain with the fae and appear in front of the car. Luke gets hit by the car. They talk it out and start to work together. Luke bargains to to have a quick passage to New York city and for his first ghoul too be safely returned to her parents. Tommy refuses to take the quick passage, his main concern is the safety of the young ghoul and takes the car to New York city. The rest of the group are transported into the hedge where they’re attacked by brairwolves. The group loses the other two ghouls and escape it into the hotel where they meet Tommy in a bathrobe and eating crab cakes. The hotel was also a part of the bargain with the fae.
  • Abby is planning a rescue mission for Eva.


CandiceChambers Jacubii

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