Unusual Investigations

Death, Demons, and Deals

This is unusual. I remember this body keeping track of things like this – so I might as well continue to maintain Cover. Tonight’s adventure has gone on longer than expected: first a journey to the Hedge saw the Mage and Useless go chasing off after a small child for some odd reason: I do recall sending the Mage after her – I take partial blame, the weakness of feeling Useless I suppose. Myself, the Changeling, the other two Demons, and Useless B went looking to find the faerie queen: we might wish to make a map for future references. We, of course with our luck, stumbled into a delay in our path: a giant.

Nathaniel dropped Useless B into the giant’s mouth on accident and Rene fell in after him. Mistakes were made – I also fell in after something annoyed the giant. I imagine it had to do with us not knowing what we were dealing with and my ordering Nathaniel to find a way to help us free them. Whatever the case – once inside I determined that what we had thought was a pit was actually the mouth of a giant – suffice to say, our desire to escape increased. After a failed attempt to climb out with Nathaniel now joining us in the giant’s mouth – we were quite unsure what to do with ourselves. That, however, was decided when Useless B shouted enough to awaken the giant – causing us to be spat out of its mouth.

I landed face first with a rock and suffered enough damage to remember what I actually am – which saved me. I mended myself and sought out the others – I came across Rene, or Xantham depending on how you look at things, and fixed her: a quick strike to a nasty gut wound and she was remade. She was shocked by it – the lasting effects of mortality? I guess hitting the rock helped me there – and we continued on. Finding Nathaniel I offered to fix him in the same way, Destroyers are much more prone to fighting, however. After failed attempts to strike me – and my own initial botched attempt which wounded poor Rene (I did apologize) – I managed to fix him as well.

I also fixed their Covers up – I am the soul of generosity.

We finally found Peter (I suppose since he indirectly helped me remember myself, he proved useful) and shifted the consequences of being a frail mortal into a nearby tree: shattering it. Then he started screaming. I asked Rene to stop his screaming. He kept screaming. I told her I could fix it my way. He kept screaming and she couldn’t make him stop. I shifted back to the mortal form – telling them to both do the same – and tried to slap Peter. His panicked flailing made me miss, and then he kicked me in the shin.

I’m annoyed about that, but he stopped screaming.

After that I decided to get us moving to find the Ma- Tommy, Viktor, and… I think her name was Cordial? In either case – off we went through the Hedge. I dearly wanted to find the others so we could leave: the Hedge doesn’t like our kind, and it makes it known by making us feel… off. In our wandering we stumbled across two women – witches they introduced themselves as. I wanted no part in making a deal with them, but grudgingly relented and told Rene to go ahead and write up a Contract. I’m not sure what changed me mind but… it doesn’t matter.

The deal was signed: Rene would have to bring the witches three children (two if they could catch the one lost in the Hedge) in exchange for finding our friends: a 1-to-1 deal. I feel like if we had stumbled upon Viktor first we would have been better off… but a deal is a deal.

I hope Rene has no qualms about kidnapping.


CandiceChambers Silverflame91

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