Unusual Investigations

Body Swaps, Magic Potions, and Faerpes

Waking up in a dark, cramped space and feeling weird all over – I’m guessing this is something usual for someone like Tommy but for me it was very disconcerting and I just wanted out. After a brief flailing panic, I thrust the lid off and popped out and saw… myself. I also saw the rest of our odd group – minus two. After a few sitcom moments it was quickly apparently we had stumbled into the oldest trope in the book: bodyswapping. With little recourse – and after giving Tommy a warning to keep his hands where I can see them – we left the warehouse we had been dumped in and found magical runes on the outside. Tommy and I attempted to figure out what they were – but our only clue was ‘Transmogrification runes’. With that solved I figured the best way to fix us (besides relying on unreliable magic) is to make a deal with the fae.

Not the best plan – by a long shot – but without having any money, phones, or what have you and being dumped in some mostly closed down warehouse, it was all we had. Since my body was the only one that had to pee – Tommy took it into the warehouse to do that business so Renee could used Victor’s body to get us to the Hedge. I shouted at Tommy ‘two shakes!’ and then he was out and we ventured into the Hedge.

I’m going to be very clear here: I hate the Hedge and I hate the fae. Nothing about this sits right with me – and I do feel bad that Manny wound up in Tommy’s body, considering the entanglement both Tommy and the Queen were in. Hoping I’m not going to have to throw him into the bargain, but if I have to throw him between the legs of a faerie Queen to get us back in our proper bodies… well, I think I can still use the dumpster bit to get me clear.

After we found out the details of the bargain (and I got my side and the back of my skull hit hard enough to really hurt – thank you, resolve and composure) – most of us were off to the regular world: we left Victor – not the body but the mind – in the Hedge, along with Jericho (though Tommy had begun referring to it was ‘Tericho’) between the legs of the Queen. I’m going to get an STI, I know it – and I doubt any doctor is going to know how to deal with it. Now all we needed was the nosehair of an ogre, dew collected by moonlight, and for it to be mixed on a dragon scale. Sending Renee’s body and Tammy (Tommy+Manny) off to highschools to see if anyone was performing Shrek, the rest of us went to get a kitchen scale and paint a dragon on it.

We agreed to meet up at the 34th street CVS to purchase a Mountain Dew when the moon came out.

Everything was mostly uneventful for us – we met up, purchased the Mountain Dew and made ready to mix up our part of the bargain when I remembered (I guess the blow to the head helped) where I had seen the runes before. Deciding to put a hold on the potion, we drove to my apartment where we lost Peter’s mind (oh no…) to the Mirror World. Deciding everything would be fixed if we just ignored it, we climbed the stairs and Tammy (crap, I’m doing it now) read from the book – reversing the spell and placing us in the proper bodies.

So far I’m not feeling anything that I shouldn’t from Terich-… Tommy’s three week sex binge with the Queen. But now we’ll get the potion mixed up, deliver it, and see about figuring out everything else (who swapped our bodies, and whether we need to go to the Mirror World) later.

I also need to see about finding a doctor who is a changeling – since we lost our last one.

Oh, and maybe get Peter some pain pills – I’m pretty sure he just felt everything whammy him all at once from earlier.


CandiceChambers Silverflame91

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