Unusual Investigations

Bathrooms, rats and nudity

  • Eva Gardner, Abigail “Abby” Roth, and Jezebel “J.J” Jones travel to Orlando to board a private jet for Cairo. Eva decides to feed and targets a group of cheerleaders, successfully dominating one of them and drinking their blood while the other two are involved in a cat fight in the bathroom. The girls then board the plane without further incident.
  • Meanwhile, Phillip in Gainesville contacts his drinking buddy Tariq Hiraga in order to explore some of the surrounding areas where there could be information on the supernatural phenomena plaguing the city. After receiving some information about the surrounding natural sinkholes which could be acting as a conduit of transportation and of supernaturals, Phillip and Tariq travel to Devil’s Millhopper just outside of town. On their arrival that evening, they proceed to investigate an unusual entrance which leads them into a cave system where a small group of strange, half man, half goat people are currently attempting to sacrifice, oh, wait, suddenly rats attacking Tariq. While the goat men run for their lives, Phillip attempts to free Tariq from the rats by beating them off with a wall hanging, unfortunately igniting the entire room in flame. Phillip’s geist Ivy notifies him of the vampiric energy, and while Phillip does make a rescue attempt, he is ultimately driven back by the flame and the vampire energy. Tariq is left behind.
  • Connar Larsson and Jonathan Masters pick up Thomas Highchild from the hospital and find a motel. They agree on taking a bus to Nashville in the morning and try to get some sleep. Tommy wakes up to some noise outside the window and assumes they’re just walking by. Tommy then goes to the bathroom. Some guys break into the room and sedate Connar and Jonathan. Tommy hears this and tries to finish. A redneck kicks the door. Tommy stands up and pulls his pants up. The door is kicked in and Tommy grabs the toilet brush, dunks it into the toilet and thrusts it at the intruder. Tommy misses and is stabbed by the intruder with a syringe. The syringe didn’t take effect and the redneck behind the intruder hands the intruder another syringe. Tommy uses the toilet brush, disarms the intruder and the syringe almost hits the redneck to the rear. The intruder tries to tackle Tommy and misses. The redneck grabs the syringe. Tommy leaps over the intruder and past the redneck. The intruder grabs Tommy by the ankle and the redneck stabs Tommy with the syringe. Tommy blacks out.
  • Connar is captured and challenged to locate his friends by Jed, the alpha werewolf of the area around Dalton, Georgia, and brother-cousin of Sheriff Buford. The pack then proceeds to chase him all over the forest in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Tommy wakes up naked chained to a tree. Thinking it was Clarissa Statesman again, Tommy gets more details from Jonathan. Tommy comes up with a plan, Jon and Tommy squat down and search for a stick or something to lock pick the manacle. They find a hard stick but Tommy can’t pick the lock with it. Frustrated, Tommy bangs his hands against the tree and one of the manacles comes off. They’re free. Tommy and Jonathan begin trying to follow the foot prints back to civilization. Tommy believes Jonathan is losing his mind as he begins talking to ghosts of civil war soldiers. A howl breaks the quiet of the night as Tommy freaks out and tries to run away. A second howl is heard and Tommy recovers his composure, only to be dragged away by a now frightened Jonathan. They continue this for a while, getting frightened and getting lost. Jonathan freaks out and pushes Tommy to the ground but then Jonathan loses balance and lands on top of Tommy. Tommy threatens “shitting on it” if Jonathan ever thinks about raping him. Even though it was strange circumstances, they are now uncomfortably warm. They stand back up and resume getting lost. Connar is seen flying over Tommy and Jonathan‘s head into a tree. 3 wolves charge towards where Connar landed. Jonathan and Tommy used the chain between them to trip over one of the wolves. The other wolf starts laughing like a hyena. This causes the tripped wolf to sulk off. Tommy and Jonathan try to nonchalantly make their way towards Connar and the hyena-wolf jumps in front of them. They prepare for battle when the wolves leave. They find Connar and travel back to Dalton city. Tommy finds some clothes hanging to dry. Tommy found a nice suit that fits him perfectly in colors that matches his eyes, Jonathan got a floral dress for a larger lady andConnar decided to just turn into a wolf instead of wearing a child’s lederhosen. They make it back to their motel where Tommy breaks in.


CandiceChambers Jacubii

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