Unusual Investigations

Airplanes and Jeeps

  • Tommy wakes up and begins cooking egg benedict. Luckily there happens to be Hollandaise sauce in JJ’s apartment. Connar calls up and then arrives to talk Nashville road trip plans. Connar calls Jonathan Masters and then all 3 of them meet up at Jonathan’s place. They purchase a Jeep Wrangler for the journey. Connar Larsson, Jonathan Masters and Thomas Highchild rock up at Eva Gardner’s place. Eva recieved some bad news about her dad and was going to Egypt. Abigail “Abby” Roth and Jezebel “J.J” Jones decide to go with her. Phillip Jakobson decides to stay with Luke Bane’s still unconscious body, more an attempt to stop Tommy from stuffing his body in a large size metal toolbox. Tommy upset from not being able to pull off his “Weekend at Bernies” style kidnapping, decides to leave in the Jeep with Connar and Jonathan. They leave Gainesville in the Orange mocha frappacino express.
  • Phillip remains behind to investigate the supernatural forces of Gainesville, and to get a good night’s rest. Having told Eva of the time it would take to make repairs to his van, she calls Bill the mechanic and “requests” that he move up the repairs, instead of 5-6 weeks, it will take only two.
  • 6 hours later, Connar Larsson, Jonathan Masters and Thomas Highchild rear-end a semi truck while Connar was trying to call his mum and driving. Tommy smacks his head onto the dashboard in the accident. They manage to crawl out of the vehicle to see their wrecked Jeep. Tommy begins trying to pull out his suitcase while a female trucker comes out of her truck with a shotgun. Tommy and Jonathan continue to try and take out their luggage while Connar begins to talk to the trucker. An argument heats up between Connar and the trucker then Tommy interjects and calms the situation down. Sheriff Buford and his deputy show up at the crash site and pull Connar aside. Tommy redirects the trucker’s anger and dismay towards what caused the sudden stop in the middle of I-75 and then returns to pulling out his suitcase in which he finally succeeds. An ambulance shows to to tend to the wounded. Tommy notices his phone is destroyed. Tommy seeing how wrecked the Jeep is thinks of another way to continue the journey. Tommy goes up to the ambulance and begins flirting with the female paramedic. With Tommy’s success, he manages to get a ride to the hospital but not without his friends. Tommy declines, opting to stay with his friends since he doesn’t have a phone anymore. Just as he’s getting the blonde paramedic’s number, the deputy comes over and interrupts. The deputy is the paramedic’s cousin. The deputy begins questioning Tommy and Jonathan. Someone starts talking about werewolves and Tommy instinctively uses his mage spidey sense. Tommy notices Sheriff Buford’s aura is similar to Connar’s aura. The group splits off with Tommy and Connar going with the sheriff and Jonathan going with the car wreck. Sheriff Buford threaten Connar and Tommy to leave before noon. A frantic series of calls from Connar Larsson to Phillip doesn’t net the group any sort of transportation, potentially dooming them to be stuck in Dalton, Georgia.


CandiceChambers Jacubii

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